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Who Is The Raynor Company

April 26, 2022

Who is The Raynor Company?


The Raynor Company is in Fitzgerald, Georgia.  Fitzgerald, GA is approximately 3 hours south of Atlanta, GA, and 3 hours north of Jacksonville, FL.  Within a two-hour radius of Fitzgerald, there are approximately 30 cargo trailer manufacturers.  Fitzgerald and the surrounding area is very much like Elkhart Indiana is to the RV industry.   It is the center of the industry.

The population of Fitzgerald is approximately 9,000.  It is a town where people go to school together, raise families together, and retire together.  The Raynor Company begins with the story of two such friends.  Tim Raynor and Tommy White grew up together, went to church together, and worked together.  They both worked at a local manufacturer for several years.  Tim left to pursue a career in the rubber extrusion business, and Tommy stayed on until the plant closed its doors.  Tommy and Tim saw a need for someone who could supply rubber extrusion to the growing enclosed cargo trailer market, and so began the origins of The Raynor Company.  As relationships were established with the customer base, so did the product offerings.  Today, the primary offering, includes aluminum extrusions used as trim pieces for the trailers.  Another key component that is offered is spring assist assemblies that are used for the ramp doors of the trailers.  What was once two friends working in a home office has become a thriving business that employs more than 25 people.  Both Tim and Tommy give all the glory to God!


As business has expanded, so has the reach of The Raynor Company.  We now service companies throughout the United States.  We often put together full truckloads of products to be delivered to a route of customers, allowing them to enjoy free freight as part of the delivery.  We are a Christian organization that desires to make our customer’s life a bit easier.   We work hard to maintain an inventory of products our customers need and put together full truckload deliveries at no cost to them.  If you are a customer who is reading this, we want to thank you and want you to know we greatly appreciate your business.  If you are not a customer yet, we welcome the opportunity to become a valuable partner to you.

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