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September 16, 2022

Our last blog touched on what a challenging year it has been for the supply chain end of the business.  Like most businesses, we had our struggles maintaining supplies that would meet our customer’s demands.  As our suppliers struggled to meet increased demand coupled with labor shortages, we were forced to search the globe for additional sources for our aluminum extrusions and spring assist components.   This also included building a machine to bring a process in house that was a bottleneck for one of our suppliers.  Fortunately, we had success in finding great suppliers.  They are now and for the foreseeable future, supply partners for us.


As demand has decreased, we now have plenty of aluminum extrusions and spring assist inventory.  We can handle the most demanding requirements for these two products.  And as demand increases again… and it will, we now have additional suppliers on board to help us meet any increase in demands from the marketplace.  If you have not given The Raynor Company a try, we encourage you to do so.  We welcome the opportunity to quote either aluminum extrusion, spring assist, or better yet, both.  On top of the excellent products we offer, we promise southern hospitality to go along with it.



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